> World Festival 2010

Katherine Chez and Hollye Jacobs
Linda Johnson Rice and friend
Chic table decor
Small Threads with their appetizers
Charise Studesville and Michael Boykins
Elliot and Jannie Pearlman
Co-chair Marilyn Vitale and Nancy Kempf
Charles Annenberg Weingarten wishes Art happy birthday via video message
Oprah wishes Art happy birthday via video message
Small Threads seen on video presentation
Jesus Salguiero with his gorgeous sister Andrea and nieces
Havin' fun at World Fest!
Chilli and cute friend
Sari Zernich, Art Smith, Linda O'Keefe and Jesus Salguiero
Co-chair Marilyn Vitale and Ken Norgan
Steve Dolinsky (aka "The Hungry Hound") interviewing Art
With Melissa and Rich Gamble
Rich Varnes with Megan and David Flom
Jennifer Wirth, Justin Brettfelder and Marybeth Brandabur
Top Chef Season 5 finalist Carla Hall
Chefs Carla Hall and Stephanie Izard with Art
DJ Sye Young
Silent auction table at World Festival
With NBC's Marcus Riley
Rhonda Brown, Emily Miller, Attila Gyulai and Bridget Quinlan
Julius and Jada Russell
Second City auctioneers Brad Morris and Joe Canalli
Carol Dahl and Karyn Calabrese
Chef Carla Hall sellin' her auction package
Aaron Frank and Marni Richmond
Tracie Fender, Jamie Laurta, Margaret Rainone and Holly Hughes
Happy World Festers
Art's birthday cake (this pic doesn't do it justice!)
Jimm Cobb, Linda O'Keefe, Stephanie Izard and Ernest Ward
Amanda Puck, Marcus Samuelsson and Linda O'Keefe
Linda O'Keefe with her parents Dave and Liz Novick and cute hubby Nick O'Keefe
Art breakin' loose with Chef Carla Hall
Chilli Pepper and Rick Bayless with friends