> The Diva Series

beautiful diva
Joffrey dancers Lauren Stewart and Abigail Simon
Shlomi Rabi and Ashley Lobo
Desiree Prieto and Theresa Carter
Ashley Lobo and her cousin Gregg Zgonena
Sven and Loretta Asmus
Mike Howlett, me and Joey Majumdar
Kate Jacobson (designer for Shibuy Hada)
Shlomi Rabi and singer Amanda Hunt (catch her show at Green Dolphin Street on February 13th!)
Joffrey dancer Abigail Simon and Jacob Moore
Joy Di Naro and Charley Jordan
Natalia Criollo-Avilez, me, Marcus Riley and Ashley Lobo
Being interviewed by Jen Knoedl of
Chuck, Mark Dunnett, Jerry, Ed Howlett and Charley Jordan
Angela Rose and Joy Di Naro
Ann Sheehan, Ashley Lobo, Joey Majumdar and friend
Ashley Lobo, me and Ann Sheehan
Angela Rose and me
Craig Robinson (Daryl on "The Office") and NBC5 Street Team boss Marcus Riley
Blagica Bottigliero filming a segment for 24/7
cute guys at the Diva Party
Sarah Vargo and friend
Joy Di Naro, me and Ashley Lobo
Kent Carey, DC Crenshaw and Shlomi Rabi
Jen Knoedl and me
Sarah Vargo, me, Joy Di Naro and Jen Knoedl
Theresa Carter, Sarah Vargo, April Lawson and Blagica Bottigliero
Nisha Goyal, Aniko (Salon Spa) and Neal Goyal
me filming a segment for 24/7
cameraman Scott Conway and producer Meredith Ogilvie
event organizer Sarah Vargo, Joy Di Naro and Jen Knoedl