> Service Club Ball

John and Myra Reilly
Laurie and Mark Davis
Cynthia Burns, Sherry Lea Holson and me
William and Peggy Martay
Evie and Herbert Glieberman with Cookie Cohen
Leslie Hodes, Tracey Tarantino and Vonita Reescer
Gail Elmore and Cynthia Burns
Christopher Cooper and Siara Mohan
Chuck and me
Larry Morris  and Mary Pat Burns
Service Club President Bonnie Rickard and her husband Jack
Julie Elmore and Mary Ann Scanlon
Decor by Tom Kehoe
Richard and Yvette Cusack with Sheree and Jim Valukas
Heinz and Mary Ann Rose
Dusty Stemer, Tracey Tarantino, Mary Lasky, Michelle Lagroue and Dorothy Whealan
Martha Wallace and Julie Burns
Bob and Holly Barr with Hazel Barr and John Regas
Hazel Barr and John Regas
Howard and Lynda Silverman
Chuck, Chris Long, me, Jim Smith and Marty Burns
Ray Drymalski and Kate Gaynor
Dori Wilson and Aurelio Huertas
Greg Hyder, Maria Zec, Joy Germont and Andy and Jean Antoniou
Andy and Jean Antoniou
Felicia and Kurt Winiecki
Rick and Toni Canada
John and Sherrill Bodine
Kate Gaynor, Ray Drymalski and Hazel Barr
John Bourgeois and Quentin Schumacher
Terri Lee and Patrick Ryan
Rick and Sherry Lea Holson
Peggy Jester and friend
Natal and Nick Gouletas
Tina and Jeffrey Weller
Shari Goldman Snow and her husband
Cindy Burns, Laura Wallace, Sharyl Mackey, me and Pat Maxwell
Sherren Leigh and Harvey Haddon
Kathy and Guy Crane
Susie and Walter Jacobson
Ellen Wesley and David Alexander
Connie Saville, Mary Pat Burns and Caitlin Saville
Nick O'Keefe, Chuck, me and Linda Novick O'Keefe
Rick Holson and Chuck
Tina and Jeff Weller with me
Hazel Barr and John Regas
Linda Masters, Dr. Stacie Mclane and Shanna Westby
Charlie Trotter and Rochelle Smith
Chris Long, Mary Jo Basler and Melinda Jakovich
Sheryl Dyer