> Royal Kill Premiere

Don and Lori Shroud
Alexis Polito and John Mark Giragosian
Ray Drymalski, Myra and John Reilly
Ed and Alison Howlett and Josh Walters
Co-host Hazel Barr, John Regas and me
Beverly and Jenna Wade-Brown
Connie Saville, Elizabeth Bertucci and Caitlin Saville
Rhonda Sanderson and Sven Asmus
Mary Scanlon, Sven Asmus and me
Karen Williams, Helen Melchior and Margie Habermann
Catherine Veach and Margaret O’Connor
table décor
Cute guy, Ann Wallace, me and Patrick Plante
having fun at Bentley Gold Coast!
me, Leticia Herrera and Amelia Silva
Jon Wool, Tessa Gillenwater and friend
Brian McSween, Megan Quiroz, Fabrice Calmels, Temur Suluashvili and David Gombert
Royal Kill models
Patrick Plante, me and Lynn McMahan
Lynn McMahan, Patrick Plante and me
Having fun at Royal Kill
Amanda Hunt and Manny B.
Jim Smith, Warren Barr, Susan Ellefson and Bryan
Beverly Wade, Rhonda Sanderson, Felica Winiecki and Jenna Wade
Sheryl Dyer and Lynn McMahan
Kristin Golatz and me
Andy Parsons and Alex Allen
Celeste Van Dahm playing a tribute to late film star Pat Morita
Royal Kill model
Royal Kill model
Mauro Villanueva, David Gombert and April Daley