> PAWS Beach Party Kick-Off

Escada-clad Associated Publications model by decked-out Mercedes
Howard and Judy Tullman, Bonnie Spurlock and Paula Fasseas
James and Bonnie Spurlock and Christine and John Mallul
Co-chair Bonnie Spurlock and James Spurlock with PAWS Executive Director Rochelle Michalek
Our gracious Ritz-Carlton of Chicago hosts
Cute Escada-wearing Associated Publications models
Helen Melchior (center), Margie Habermann (right) and friend
Co-chair Bonnie Spurlock and her hubby Jim with Beach Party models
Elizabeth Bertucci and Katherine Saville
Darling Berit Waterfield and furry friend
Julee White surrounded by sexy admirers
Stoli ice sculpture
Co-chair Bonnie and beautiful friends
Kimberly Gleeson, Julee White, Cindy Burns and Dede Lubeznik
Bonnie thanking the crowd
PAWS well wishers
With Bernice Pink and photog Caitlin Saville
Associated Publications stunners
Bonnie with Associated Publications models holding PAWS mini beach balls
PAWS Boys: Ed Howlett, Chuck, John Walcher and photog Steve Starr