> NYE at the Playboy Mansion

Another beautiful area of the BHH
A caipirinha made with liquid nitrogen at Bazaar Restaurant
Enjoying the ambience of the Bazaar Restaurant
Candles for sale in the Moss store in the Bazaar Restaurant
Golden handcuffs for sale in Moss
German porcelain pinscher for sale for $4000 in Moss
Spa check in area at the SLS Hotel
A Maybach in the parking garage (I don't usually frequent garages but this one was a shortcut) :)
The famous Beverly Hills Hotel pool
A cozy sitting area on the grounds of the BHH
Ready for NYE in the Sunset Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel
Another view of the Sunset Room
The Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel
Before the NYE party
There were screens in every corner of the PB party showing scenes from past NYE parties
Personal pics of Hef's loved ones--the Twins are in top frame and his family is below
Chuck and Brett Connors
Chuck in heaven
With 25th Anniversary Playmate Candy Loving
Kristy Ann Keppel Spillane onstage
Serria Tawan (Miss November 2002)
Guests arrived in every manner of dress and undress
Cute partygoers
The food was cleverly presented and plentiful
The balloons--ready to fall
A rapper performs and conducts the countdown
Kristy and Sara working their magic
Candy Loving and her girlfriend from Florida
With Hugh O'Brien (he spent a lot of time at the Chicago Mansion in the early days, too)
Even the Armed Forces were represented!
Sexy partygoers
Scene from the bar
One of the fabulous floral arrangements
Candy Loving and I kissing "Hef"
The painted ladies
Kristy Ann Keppel Spillane with Hef