> Nadine Epstein Birthday

Dinky (Ira's mom), Winnie (Na's mom) and her sister Patricia
Kate Dolzier and Ali Campbell--aren't they the cutest??
Jacqui Monieson with her handsome boyfriend Ron Gliberman
Elliot Pearlman, Ira Epstein, Kristina and Mike McGrath
Tonya and Adam Stevenson
Nadine with her mom, Winnie Chaplik
Hedwig and Bob Golant
Nadine and Ira Epstein
Greg and Kasia Kay, Basia, Nadine and Alan Sax
Karaoke reaches a new level at the party
Tiffany box cake for Nazie
Making a wish!
Mike and Kristina McGrath
Jacqui and Ron take a karaoke turn