> Macy's Glamorama Kick-Off

Pic by Steve Starr
Naturally 7 (Pic by Steve Starr)
Carol Gipson and Kathy O'Malley Piccone (Pic by Steve Starr)
Having fun at the Glam Launch (Pic by Steve Starr)
Red Carpet Concierge's Sandy Smith-Doghmi with a member of Naturally 7 Pic by Steve Starr
Ken Norgan welcomes guests to Launch Party
With McDonald's Ken Norgan and Mara Mills Barker (Dress by Elda de la Rosa)
Chuck with Fabrice Calmels and Greg Hyder
Izabella (second from right) with models
Guests enjoying Prairie Production's space
DJ Sye Young
With Jan Melk
Andy Wiersma Glams it up on the red carpet
Fabrice Calmels surrounded by beautiful models
Anthony Contrucci and Franco La Marca
Christopher Clinton Conway, Helen Melchior and Lloyd Elwell
With the ever dapper Greg Hyder
Hedwig and Bob Golant
Matt Olavenson and Justin Brookshaw
Rebecca Hawkinson, Sol Barket and Krystal Stgermain
Natasha Brown, Asta Razma, Anedra Kerr and Margo Qsic
Tyler Smith and Barb Samuels
The designers with their models are presented to the crowd
Eileen Weinberg and Cindy Burns
Ken Norgan and Linda Johnson Rice
Justin Brookshaw and Grace Reilly
With NBC's Marcus cute!
Anthony Contrucci, John Eahnact and Ed Zaibac
Glam guests at the Glam Launch
Designer Jenna Fowler being interviewed by Marcus Riley
Look at Kathy O'Malley Piccone's Blackhawks bag!
Naturally 7
John Regas, Hazel Barr, Charles Lord and Mary Kay DeMaio
Daron Mitchell, Beth O'Brien and Shelly Shinal
With Naturally 7
Rachel Schwanz, Lynne Bredfeldt and Matt Woodburn
Guys just wanna have FUN!
Melissa and Henrique Kerch
Macy's Andrea Schwartz, Amy Olson and Melissa Gamble (Pic courtesy of Beidron)
Delicious appetizers courtesy of George Jewell (Pic courtesy of Beidron)
Being interviewed by Marcus Riley (Pic courtesy of Beidron)
George Jewell appetizers (Pic courtesy of Beidron)