> Joffrey Spring Gala

Bob and Hedwig Golant
Christine Ott
Chuck and me
Mayari Pritzker, Margaret O'Connor and Micheal O'Meara
Marilyn Slattery and her sweet mom
Liz Ryan, Shawna Owen, Sophie Bross and Heather Webster
Jesus Salguiero, Michelle Demaree and Erik Pekarski
Jocelyn Stoller and Helen Melchior
Marina and Arnie Tatar
Lara Schiffman and Jill Katz
Victoria Poindexter and Rob
Orchestra Pit
2009 Gala co-chairs addressing the audience
Temur Suluashvili and Christine Rocas
Young ballerina Lauren in training!
Lydia Alouf
Centerpiece by Jonathan Ryan
Rhonda Sanderson and Andy Antoniou
Kate Gaynor
Margaret O'Connor, Linda Yu, Harold Ramis, Erica Ramis, Katherine Veach, Tev Bond...
Gallery - Margaret O'Connor, Linda Yu, Harold Ramis, Erica ramis, Katherine Veach, Tev Bond, Charlie Berghammer, Mayari Pritzker and Michael  O'Meara
Chuck and Victoria Jaiani
John Amato, Rhonda Sanderson, Greg Hyder, Sheryl Dyer and Alan Sax
Jeff Sharp, Helen Melchior and Liz Sharp
Dennis and WB President Kathleen Klaeser
Katherine Veach and friends
Susanna Negovan, Lana Bramlette and Michelle Alegria
Susanna Negovan, me, Lana Bramlette and Michelle Alegria
Margie Habermann and Ron Waters
April Daley
Abigail Simon
Having Fun at the Gala!
Gala co-chair Jay Franke and Helen Melchior
Mauro Villanueva and Elizabeth Feste
David Gombert, me and Mauro Villanueva
Jeff Corney and handsome friend
Fabrice Calmels and Christine Ott
Having fun at the Spring Gala!
Julia Jankowski and Sandy Casparriello