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Joffrey chairman Maureen Smith with her niece Amanda Mason
Lynda Silverman with Bob and Leslie Zenter
David and Barbara Kipper
Chicago Theatre marquee
Helen Hall Melchior, George Jewell and me
Christine Ott and Women's Board president Kathleen Klaeser
Tony Rossi with Myra and John Reilly
Mary Jo Basler with Roger and Sandy Deromedi
90210 star Ryan Eggold and me
Amanda Puck, Samantha Saifer, Elisa Schmitt and Kim Crompton
Maria Pinto model
Maria Pinto model
Maria Pinto model
Maria Pinto model
Maria Pinto
John and Deb Gross
Kristina and Mike McGrath with Sheryl Dyer
Me and Joffrey dancer Fabrice Calmels
Julie Johnson and Pierre Lockett
Chuck, Shirley Michaels and Melinda Jakovich
Laura Wallace, Cindy Burns and Martha Wallace
Ceshia Wilder and Pierre Lockett
Joffrey dancer Mauro Villanueva and Helen Hall Melchior
Mary Lou McCollum and Marilyn Slattery
Charley Jordan, Chris Long, Christine Ott and Chuck
Mauro Villanueva and April Daley
DJ Joe Garrido and me
Me with Joffrey dancers
Me with Joffrey dancers
Nicole Patrick and Mauro Villanueva
Me, Joffrey dancer Calvin Kitten and Suzanne Lopez
The Joffrey's Christopher Conway, me and Jonathan Ryan of A Perfect Event
Joffrey dancers Victoria Jaiani, Temur Suluashvili and me