> Common Threads' Cookbook Launch

Lucinda Hahn and Helen Melchior
Calvin Parks and Sarah Cooley
The Small Threads are our stars!
Small Threads preparing a recipe from their cookbook
Aren't they just the cutest?!
Gorgeous fountain for the CT party
Martha and Tom Wallace
Antony Timov and Daniel Kinkade
Remy Vaudelle, Rhonda Sanderson and John Regas
Helen Melchior and Sherren Leigh
Our first cookbook!
Small Threads signing cookbooks for fans
Marshall and Eileen Weinberg
Jana Vincent, Chef Jason McLeod and Bridget Quinlan
Jason Dohmann and Kip Rodriguez
Delicious hors d'oeuvres
Chuck with Linda O'Keefe and Ed Howlett
Co-founder Jesus Salguiero and Executive Director Linda O'Keefe
Paul Iacono and Andrew Mann
Lori and Don Shroud
Veanca Campbell and Donald Morris
Ernest Ward, Jim Cobb, Naushab Ahmed, Jesus Salguiero and friends
Cindy Burns and Laura Wallace
Bob Golant, John Walcher, Chuck, Ed Howlett, Chris Sofka and Gerge Jewell
Kim Kline, Patrick Plante, Kelly Rainey and Hunter Manzo
Chris Free, Trary Williams and Terrence Chappell
Leandre Johns, Joanne Fehn, Christopher Lea and Barbara Samuels
With Ben Soldinger
Christine Picchetti, Rhonda Sanderson and Lisa Flando
Paul Iacono, Helen Melchior and Andrew Mann
With Paul Iacono
Wayne and Mali Osborn
Anna Rainey and Renisha Campbell
A fun night was had by all!
\With Chad Coffey and Karla Zarate (Omni Food and Beverage Manager)
With the Elysian's Attila Gyulai, CT Executive Director Linda O'Keefe and Courtney Treutelaar