> Chefs & the City Kick-Off at 33 Club

Mike and Ed Howlett
With Scott Bobek
Diane Kelley, Alan Sax and Helen Melchior
33 Club was packed!
Co-chair Amanda Puck with Lynne Bredfeldt and Samantha Saifer
With Hazel Barr, Jim Smith and Susan Ellefson
Trevian Kutti and Paul Iacono
Kathy Schmalen and her mom-in-law
Cindy Burns, Mary Pat Burns and Sharyl Mackey
Martha and Tom Wallace with Dori Wilson
Grace Reilly, Justin Brookshaw and Matt Olaveson
Linda O'Bannon with cute friend
Kim Winzler, Jonathon Wells, Michelle Herman and Hunter Kaiser
Renee Torina and Clint Paton
Greg Hyder and Peggy Martay
Marc Brooks, Dori Wilson and Charley Jordan
Debbie Lamoureux and Penny Bagherpour
Tara looks HOT!
Dennis Minkel and Clark Zichty
Lorin Adolph and Jason Dohmahn
Michael Meyer and Karyn Tatham